Did you know Alcohol Use Disorder affects 1 in 10 Americans?

Many with AUD could benefit from medications proven to reduce harmful alcohol consumption. We want to share how medicine and diet can help restore a life threatened by alcohol.

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If alcohol is a problem, but you are not convinced you need to quit forever, you may be interested in the targeted use of naltrexone. This method of helping alcoholics reduce their drinking was developed by Dr. David Sinclair, who proposed that blocking the effect of alcohol to produce natural opiates in the brain would help people get more control over their drinking. The key part of this method is that naltrexone, an FDA-approved prescription medication, is taken at least an hour before drinking alcohol. The two other FDA-approved medications for alcohol abuse include acamprosate, which can reduce craving, or disulfiram, which can give an extra incentive to avoid alcohol by making someone very sick if they do drink. Other medications like topiramate, baclofen and ondansetron can also help.  Dietary changes that include omega-3 fatty acids are often critical for recovery, and the right counselor can provide exactly what you need to get free.